Equalization course.

When it comes to freediving, equalization is a fundamental skill that allows divers to descend safely and comfortably into the depths of the underwater world. Proper equalization techniques are crucial for preventing discomfort, injury, and even potential barotrauma. That’s why choosing an equalization course can greatly enhance your freediving journey.
The compensation course includes online material, video lessons and dry exercises that will improve your awareness in the water.
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Start equalisation course

The course is designed for beginner who cannot reach the depth of 10m and use the Valsalva Manoeuvre.

Frenzel/Mouthfill course

This is the course for the Freediver who wants to improve their equalization technique and become more confident in the sea.

Hands Free course

This is a special course for the freedivers who wants to learn the equalization without hands. This includes a good awareness of the movements and more relaxation in the sea.