Freediving is different from snorkeling in the way it focuses more on compensation, breathing, and relaxation techniques.
In addition, the distant freediving swims, breath-holding times, and the depths that can be reached are considerably greater compared to casual snorkeling.

The minimum age to enroll in the freediving course is 15 years old

Yes, you can come to the excursions to do snorkeling. We offer different kinds of fun snorkeling excursions with the boat and from the shore.

We are in Playa Blanca where we begin the first-level freediving course as the conditions offer us a maximum depth of 15 meters.
Advanced courses will include sea sessions in Puerto del Carmen.

Freediving appears to be relatively simple but there are many things to learn about physiology, equalization, and safety. For A non-trained freediver, the risks for sinus, ear problems, blackouts and potentially drowning are bigger than for a trained freediver. An experienced, freediving instructor can teach you how to avoid these serious risks.

You need to know how to swim comfortably in the sea, but you don’t need to be a high-level swimmer.

You will never freediver AFTER scuba diving on the same day.  The Nitrogen accumulated in the tissues can create some microbubbles that can expand due to the rapid ascent we do in freediving, leading us to a potential hazard of decompression sickness.

To enroll in a PADI freediver course you must be at least 15 years old.
For younger, we offer snorkeling excursions which are a great way to start knowing the sea and its beauties!

Freediving is diving into deep water while holding your breath. Freedivers use inner control and peace to descend into the ocean holding their breath till they surface.

No, freediving is not dangerous. It is indeed a very safe and healthy sport if you know how to approach it.
Freedivers never dive alone and they improve slowly by learning to listen and respect their own body.

To start to learn freediving requires a normal level of fitness. Freediving is a physical sport and a higher level of fitness definitely helps.
Before you enroll in a PADI freediving course you will fill out this medical questionnaire.

Yes, you can still free-dive while you are pregnant. The state of relaxation and the feeling of being light will definitely help during the first weeks of pregnancy. We discourage through hard training for freediving. For more information https://www.daneurope.org/

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