Freediving Club and Apnea Training Centre

Our Vision

Our goal is to create an amazing freediving location, where freedivers of all abilities and nationalities can come to meet and practice their passion all year round within a great and safe environment.


We are delighted to announce the biggest Freediving Project in Europe. And we want you to come onboard!
Become part of our community, take a look at our Campaign.


Freediving is about community, and we want freedivers to play an important role in this very ambitious project. This project is for you, our club members, friends and freedivers of today and those yet to come. With your support, we can build something really special that will last.


Within a safe environment for beginners to progress, to high performance athletes, the center will help to grow the freediving stars of the future. Whatever your age or ability Freediving Lanzarote will be open to you.

Our Activities

We will provide educational freediving courses, training and coaching sessions, specialist workshops, community events, annual freediving competitions and trips to Lanzarote’s best dive sites.


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